Iris Ko




Ontario, Canada

Current position:

Professor in Georgian College’s Research Analyst Postgraduate Program.

Ms. Iris Ko, MBA, is a Professor at Georgian College, teaching postgraduates on research planning and project management skills. From 2013-15, Ms. Ko was the Director of Strategic Policy and Innovation within the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services in Ontario. In this role Ms. Ko developed the innovation procurement strategy for Ontario to incentivize development and adoption of innovations based on policy reviews and jurisdictional scans. She was engaged in numerous stakeholder consultations with various health care providers, academic researchers, innovators, industry partners and various innovation program funders to obtain buy in. Within her role as Director, she established a four-year funding initiative to accelerate a culture shift to value based procurement and supported the Ontario Health Innovation Council in developing the Ontario Health Innovation Strategy.

Using her expertise and experience in strategic leadership and team building, Ms. Ko launched the first Operating Room Supply Chain transformation program in Canada. This program facilitated collaboration, developed leading practices, provided strategic directions and resources for 14 pilot projects resulting in savings and improved process efficiencies.

Ms. Ko has a proven track record in excellence and delivery. She has received multiple Ministry of Finance Stella Awards for Leadership, Partnership, Quality Service and Innovation. Further, she received Ministry of Health ACE Award for Innovation and Ministry of Government and Consumer Services OSS Service Excellence Award for Leadership.

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